Usage instructions for Settings

Settings are where you manage all of the various controls for Homechart.


Settings > Account has controls for adjusting your Preferences, Components, and Security.


You can adjust your account Name, Language, Date, and Time, and Color and Theme under Preferences. Your account Name will be visible to all members of your Household.

Hide Components

Using the controls on this page, you can hide various components within Homechart. You may not be able to un-hide items that are hidden at the household level.


You can setup your Private Key, change your Password, and setup Two-Factor Authentication under Security.

Private Key

You need to generate a Private Key to use Secrets and other encryption components in Homechart. You can generate multiple Private Key Passphrases to store within a safe or somewhere safe.

Homechart uses 2048-bit RSA-OAEP to generate a Public/Private key-pair. The Private Key is encrypted using 100,000 iterations of PBKDF2 using the Private Key Passphrases as the keys. All encryption is performed using standard Web Crypto APIs.


Settings > Notifications has controls for enabling/disabling different types of Notifications from Homechart.


Settings > Sessions lets you delete Sessions, Clear All Sessions, and add new sessions/generate API keys for programmatic usage of Homechart.


Settings > Households is where you Add, Delete, and Leave households within Homechart. You can be part of many Households, like one for your immediate family and one for your extended family. To use Household features within Homechart, you must be part of at least one Household.

One Household will always be your Primary Household. This is the default Household you’ll use when you create new Household items. You can change this by tapping the checkbox in the Primary column.

Household Settings

Tapping a Household under Settings > Households shows you controls for adjusting Preferences, Members, and Components.


You can adjust your household Name, Colors, and Currency under Preferences.


You can add, remove, and change the permissions of household members under Members.