Usage instructions for Inventory

Inventory helps you track and organize things in your household. You can use Inventory to track big purchases, warranties, items in your pantry, storage bins, and more.


An Inventory > Item represents something in your house–a TV, a bag of flour, batteries, furniture, etc. When you add a new Item, you can add a Picture of it, the Quantity/number you have, Properties, and a UPC.

Import From CSV

You can import items from CSV to migrate your existing Inventory into Homechart. Tap Add > Import Items From CSV to select your CSV and map the fields into Properties.


A lot of the things you add into Inventory will be single items, however you can also keep track how many you have of certain things. This is useful for tracking inventory of stuff you use in your household like cleaners, food, spices, etc. Inventory integrates with Shop to let you quickly add Items to your Pick Up list when you run out.


Items can have multiple Properties assigned to them. Homechart aggregates the properties so you can easily assign them to other Items using the same values. You’ll use these Properties to create Collections


Items can be scanned via UPC/Barcodes. You can add new Items this way, or increase the Quantity of existing items. UPC scanning makes taking inventory of your pantry post-grocery shopping a breeze.


Inventory > Collections are basically views into your Inventory. Collections let you select the Columns/Properties to display and filter the Columns/Properties for specific values. Using Collections, you could display Items with the Property “Location” equal to “Attic”. You could also name Collections after storage totes, and add the Items within the tote to the Collection.

QR Codes

Collections and Items can generate QR Codes that you can print/affix to the Collection or Item. These QR Codes will link you directly to the Item/Collection in question. Putting QR Codes on your storage bins will allow you to easily see what’s inside of them via Homechart without having to dig through them!


Inventory integrates with:

  • Cook: Inventory > Items you have a Quantity > 0 of will be displayed next to Cook > Recipe Ingredients
  • Plan: Inventory Items can be associated with Plan > Tasks, such as having a Lawn Mower Item and a Change Oil Task
  • Shop: Inventory can add Items to your Shop > Pick Up list