What's New in Homechart: v2023.08

Release notes for Homechart v2023.08.


Source Available

Homechart is now source available! You can take a look at the source code and contribute fixes on GitHub: https://github.com/candiddev/homechart.

Budget Targeting

We’ve revamped how Budget Category > Target Amounts work:

  • Budget > Categories now shows the Target Amount needed for the current month to remain on track with the Target Amount Date
  • Budget > Categories now shows the total Target Amount for each Grouping
  • Budget > Categories now shows the total Target Amount for each Month

You can use Target Amounts in a variety of ways:

  • Save for a vacation
  • Assign your minimum budget amounts to cover bills and expenses
  • Establish a baseline for your emergency fund


  • The Homechart API will now fill in defaults for authAccountID or authHouseholdID if they are not specified for most object types


  • Fixed number/currency formatting within tables to be right aligned.
  • Fixed Homechart subscriptions expiring incorrectly for self-hosted instances.
  • Fixed Household member names not being sorted in selectors.
  • Fixed Budget > Categories Budget to Zero not having consistent behavior.
  • Fixed Budget > Transactions not being able to select a Budget > Category with spaces in the name.
  • Fixed Shop > Items not reflecting the right owner when changing Shop > List value.