What's New in Homechart: v2023.05

Release notes for Homechart v2023.05.


Web Push Notification Revamp

We’ve greatly improved our web push notifications so you can do more with them. Most notifications can now be snoozed, and you can now mark Plan > Tasks as completed right from the push notification. Additionally, self-hosted users will now self-host their push notifications, they no longer need to proxy through Homechart Cloud! See the docs for more information.


  • Daily Agenda Summaries can now be sent by email. You can turn these off under Settings > Notifications.
  • Inventory > Collections now shows the number of items contained within them in the menu. This has not been optimized yet, and it may lead to performance issues with large collections/large number of items. Please let us know if you experience this and we’ll prioritize fixing it. We tested with ~100 items, ~50 collections, and an Android phone–we did not notice any issues.


  • Fixed date inputs not showing picker or responding to keyboard inputs correctly.
  • Fixed breadcrumb occasionally hiding action buttons.
  • Fixed Budget > Categories selecting the wrong date for a target month.
  • Fixed Calendar > Events hanging due to a Recurrence calculation loop.
  • Fixed Calendar > Events showing the wrong date for events when exported using iCalendar.
  • Fixed Cook > Meal Plan not setting the right time for Meal Times.
  • Fixed Health > Items and Health > Logs not creating entries for children.
  • Fixed Inventory > Item setting the quantity to 0.


  • Removed push notification proxy via Cloud Notifications for self-hosted instances. Please use Web Push notifications directly from your instance–we don’t want your private data! See the docs for more information.