What's New in Homechart: v2023.03

Release notes for Homechart v2023.03.

The Homechart Docker container has moved! Due to a recent Docker Hub pricing change, the Homechart container has moved to GitHub. The new container URL is ghcr.io/candiddev/homechart:latest


  • Budget > Recurring Transactions can now be skipped instead of added
  • Cook > Recipe layout has been reworked for better usage while cooking
  • Shop > Items can now use Markdown for their names, letting you create links to things online like [Buy This](example.com/this/item)
  • Shop > Staples can now be added to Pick Up if needed before the next date
  • Updated software dependencies to latest versions


  • Fixed Budget > Charts date range picker on Firefox
  • Fixed Budget > Transactions not updating recurring transactions
  • Fixed Calendar imports for Google Calendar
  • Fixed Reward > Cards “Always Redeemable” not working as intended
  • Fixed child account switching not displaying data
  • Fixed email and push notification messages having the wrong format
  • Fixed incorrect translations (please keep reporting these!)