What's New in Homechart: v2022.12

Release notes for Homechart v2022.12.

Homechart v2022.12 is now available on Homechart Cloud and GitHub


Import Calendars

Homechart can now import iCalendar ICS files and URLs. These calendars can be hidden/displayed, and support notifications.

Prioritized Shopping List

Shopping items now have a priority within shopping lists. You can drag and drop them to change the order. This lets you order your wishlists based on which items you need to buy first.

View Bookmarks in Homechart

You can now visit your Bookmarks without leaving Homechart. By default, Homechart will try and open Bookmarks from within the Homechart UI. This may not work for all Bookmarks–you can change to the old behavior by editing them.