What's New in Homechart: v2022.08

Release notes for Homechart v2022.08.


Inventory > Collections and QR Codes

We’ve revamped Inventory Views to be more general purpose Inventory Collections. Use Inventory Collections to save filters for your inventory, as well as grouping your inventory into storage boxes and locations. You can also download and print QR codes for all inventory collections and items that link back to your Homechart instance.

Improved Inventory Scanning

Inventory scanning now provides better feedback on where it recognizes a barcode (Web and Android only). If it finds an existing barcode, it will notify you the name of the item that was found after updating the quantity by one.

Unified Add Button

You can now create almost every object in Homechart using the Add button on any screen.


  • Budget Categories headers are now called “Groupings” to be consistent with Inventory Collection “Groupings”.
  • Budget Recurrences now show a count of recurrences that should be added to your transactions based on the recurrence date.
  • Help can now browse all available Help pages.
  • Household Settings can now select the Danish Krone as a currency.
  • Notes can now have a icon and color.
  • Notes and Plan Projects are now rendered as a clickable list for objects that reference them (Plan Tasks, Shop Items).
  • Plan Tasks can now have a configurable duration that will show up in Calendar. More task scheduling enhancements coming soon!