What's New in Homechart: v2022.05

Release notes for Homechart v2022.05.

Homechart v2022.05 is now available on Homechart Cloud and GitHub


Health Launch

Homechart can now help you and your household members track their health and allergies! By tracking your inputs (allergens, food, exercise, water, etc) and outputs (symptoms, feelings, etc) in Calendar, Homechart can help you discover correlations between them. For Household owners, you can track the Health of your children, too.

Shop Items Linked to Cook > Meal Plan

Shop > Items now show what Cook > Meal Plan they’re needed for. This will help you shop for specific meals.


  • Calendar can now hide Calendar Events.
  • Cook Recipes can now import recipes from more websites. If you find a recipe on Google under the Recipes header, Homechart should be able to import it.