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What's New in Homechart: v2022.04.0

Mike April 22, 2022

Homechart v2022.04.0 is now available on Homechart Cloud and DockerHub.

New Features

CSV Imports

You can now import Budget > Transactions, Cook > Recipes, and Inventory > Items using CSV files.

Inventory > Item Images

You can now add a picture to Inventory > Items

Self-Hosted Single Sign-On/Authelia Support

Homechart now supports proxy authentication, allowing self-hosted users to use external authentication via tools like Authelia. Visit docs.homechart.app for details.

Custom Tables

You can now create custom tables using Markdown in Notes > Pages, Plan > Tasks, and other text fields. Visit Help > Markdown for more details.

Other enhancements

  • Calendar now shows Plan > Tasks using the task colors.
  • Inventory > Views can have an icon associated with them to better represent their purpose.
  • Plan > Tasks now has colors instead of priorities.
  • Settings > Household can now select the Swedish Krona as a currency.