What's New in Homechart: v2022.04

Release notes for Homechart v2022.04.


CSV Imports

You can now import Budget Transactions, Cook Recipes, and Inventory Items using CSV files.

Inventory Item Images

You can now add a picture to Inventory Items

Self-Hosted Single Sign-On/Authelia Support

Homechart now supports proxy authentication, allowing self-hosted users to use external authentication via tools like Authelia. Visit docs.homechart.app for details.

Custom Tables

You can now create custom tables using Markdown in Notes Pages, Plan Tasks, and other text fields. Visit Help > Markdown for more details.


  • Calendar now shows Plan Tasks using the task colors.
  • Inventory Views can have an icon associated with them to better represent their purpose.
  • Plan Tasks now has colors instead of priorities.
  • Household Settings can now select the Swedish Krona as a currency.