What's New in Homechart: v2022.01

Release notes for Homechart v2022.01.

Homechart v2022.01 is now available on Homechart Cloud and GitHub


Amazon Alexa Support

You can now talk to Homechart using Amazon Alexa. Find out what your agenda is, what meals are scheduled, and more. Visit our skill to get started.

Shopping Lists

You can now create personal or household Shop Lists. These lists can be wishlists, planning, or just ideas for the future–shopping items within them do not show up in your main shopping list.

Inventory and Plan Task Integration

Plan Tasks can now be associated to Inventory. This lets you keep track of tasks associated with certain inventory items, like car or appliance maintenance.

iCalendar Feed

You can now view your Homechart Calendar and Plan Tasks in other calendar apps! Calendar can now expose an iCalendar feed/ICS file for other calendar programs to use.


  • Currency input on iOS should no longer restrict the keyboard type/prevent negative numbers.
  • Homechart can now automatically signin URLs that pass a username, password, and optional permissions to it. https://web.homechart.app/signin?username=user@example.com &password=password&cook=2 would sign in the user user@example.com with no Cook permissions.
  • Homechart no longer vibrates after performing actions.
  • Plan Tasks will now change subtask due dates the same amount when the parent due date is changed.
  • Account Settings can now set colors for positive and negative text, like Budget currencies.
  • Shop Items can now be personal/not visible for household members. Household Settings can now select the Brazilian Real as a currency.