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What's New in Homechart: v2021.10.0

Mike October 27, 2021

Homechart v2021.10.0 is now available on Homechart Cloud and DockerHub.

New Features

Self-Hosted Instances Free for Personal Use

Self-hosted Homechart is now completely free for personal use!

Homechart Cloud for Self-Hosted Instances

Self-hosted Homechart can optionally use Homechart Cloud for automatic, encrypted backups, Android and iOS apps, and push notifications.

Import/Export All Household Data

All household data can be exported and imported between Homechart instances.

Recurring Task End Dates

Recurring tasks can now have an end date specified, after which they will be done and no longer recur.

Other enhancements

  • Added an in-memory cache to be used if Homechart isn’t configured to use Redis
  • Added counts of Items and Tasks next to Project names