What's New in Homechart: v2020.12

Release notes for Homechart v2020.12.


Automated Self Hosted Licensing

Self hosted users can now automatically have their Homechart instances retrieve licenses. Visit https://hub.docker.com/r/candiddev/homechart for more information.

Event Participants

You can now add household members as participants to Calendar > Events, letting you easily where everyone is during the week.

Help Pages

Get help while using Homechart by selecting icon@help in the top right. You can also search across help pages to get the answers you’re looking for. As always, we’re here to help if you get stuck too.

Household Permissions

Members of your household can now have permissions limited to specific components under Settings > Household. Use this to give your kids (or spouse) access to Homechart, but prevent them from viewing or changing your budget.

Shopping Staples

Setup recurring shopping list items using Shopping > Staples. These items will automatically be added to your shopping list when it’s time to purchase them.