What's New in Homechart: v1.5

Release notes for Homechart v1.5.

Homechart v1.5 is now available on Homechart Cloud and GitHub


UI Refresh

We’ve refreshed the UI to be more consistent and accessible.

Schedules Calendar View

Cook > Schedules now looks like a real calendar. This is the first step for the expanded calendaring functionality coming in future releases.

A global search has been added. Use this to find items throughout Homechart.


If you have Homechart installed on your phone or tablet, you can now share websites to it. Homechart can import the website as recipe or a task.

Import Recipe from URL

Import > Recipe from URL has been added. Point Homechart at a URL and instantly add the recipe to your collection.

Live Updates

When using Homechart with other people, you’ll now see their updates immediately. This is handy for when you’re both shopping or working on tasks."