Secrets and Passwords

Storing secrets is easy in Homechart. Simply create vaults and add your secrets to them. Homechart helps keep your household data secure.

Keep Your Household’s Secrets Safe

Secrets Values

  • 🔒 Store your secrets and passwords in Homechart
  • 🤐 Secrets are encrypted using passphrases, only you and your household can view them
  • 📎 Reference secret values from within Homechart–only your household members with access to them can see them
  • 🗑 Each edit to your secret values is a version which can be reverted

Organize Your Secrets

Secrets Vaults

  • 🏦 Store your secrets values in vaults to keep them separated
  • 🧑 Have personal or household vaults
  • 🗂 Use tags to organize your values across vaults