Inventory and Pantry

Inventory tracking is easy with Homechart. Homechart lets you catalog everything in your house, from food to laptops, in a simple, filterable interface.

Track Everything

Inventory Items

  • 🏠 All your household items at your fingertips
  • 🔍 Scan UPCs to quickly add items to Homechart
  • 📑 Add properties to your items for filtering and sorting
  • ✅ Add tasks to your items, such as lawn mower maintenance
  • 🛒 Easily add items to your Shopping List before you run out

Display It Your Way

Inventory Collections

  • 📒 Use collections to create custom lists and containers of your items
  • 📦 Create QR codes to label your items and containers with links to Homechart
  • 📄 Filter using properties and columns to organize your items