About Homechart, the ultimate home organizer

Homechart is a web-based platform for organizing and managing your household.

Homechart simplifies your digital life:

😍 No more duplication
One place for all your household data

📅 One calendar for everything
Plan events, meals, chores, and more

🔗 Save money for what matters
Link your budgets, projects, and shopping lists

📣 Keep your household in sync
Reminders for events, meals, tasks, and more

👪 Designed for everyone in your household
Supports extended, divorced, and blended families

🗣️ Multilingual
Available in English, عربي, Deutsch, Español, Francais, हिन्दी, 日本語, Nederlands, Português, русский, and 中文

🙌 No ads, ever
We will never sell your data, we just help you manage it

🤓 Secure, Encrypted and Private
Homechart runs in the cloud or self-hosted on your network

Budgeting and Savings

Budgeting is easy with Homechart. Simply import transactions and assign goals, Homechart will keep your budget on track.

Calendars and Events

Calendars are easy with Homechart. Homechart shows your tasks, transactions, meal plan, and your events in one simple view.

Cooking and Meals

Cooking is easy with Homechart. Simply import recipes and schedule meals, Homechart is the ultimate kitchen helper.

Health and Allergens

Health tracking is easy with Homechart. Simply log your inputs and outputs, Homechart will help you discover interesting correlations.

Inventory and Pantry

Inventory tracking is easy with Homechart. Homechart lets you catalog everything in your house, from food to laptops, in a simple, filterable interface.

Notes and Wiki

Collaborating is easy in Homechart. Simply add note pages filled with content like notes or how-tos, Homechart makes it easy to search and organize your knowledge base.

Planning and To Dos

Planning is easy with Homechart. Simply add personal or household tasks, Homechart will help you conquer your to-do list.


Homechart is committed to helping you manage your successful household, in the cloud or self hosted.

Rewards and Gifts

Rewards are easy with Homechart. Send and receive digital stamp cards to your household members to give positive reinforcement or show how much you appreciate them!

Secrets and Passwords

Storing secrets is easy in Homechart. Simply create vaults and add your secrets to them. Homechart helps keep your household data secure.

Shopping and Grocery

Shopping is easy with Homechart. Simply add your recipes, items, and stores, Homechart will figure out the rest.