Frequently Asked Questions

What is Homechart?

Homechart is a productivity application to manage your household data--budgets, tasks, recipes, and more. Homechart can run in your browser or on your Android and iOS devices via an app.

But I already have eight different apps that do that!

You probably do, and that's seven too many! Our users replace a lot of their existing productivity apps with Homechart. In fact, Homechart was initially created as a way to combat "app fatigue"--too many apps, too much duplication, not enough integration.

What's the different between Homechart Self-Hosted and Homechart Cloud?

Homechart Self-Hosted is a way for tech-savvy households to run Homechart on their network. Homechart Cloud is what most of our users use--Homechart in the Cloud, similar to your other cloud services. Homechart Self-Hosted users can get Homechart Cloud services like push notifications and assistant integration with their Homechart subscription.

Can I try Homechart?

You can see how the Doe Family uses Homechart by exploring a demo. You can also sign up for an account, no credit card required.

How many people in my household can use Homechart?

Everyone in your household can have an account. You can also customize their permissions, so your kids or the tablet on your counter can see the meal plan but not your budget.

Can I use Homechart offline/without internet?

You can view all of your data in Homechart while offline. To make changes, you'll need to be connected to the internet.

Can I move my data out of Homechart or between Homechart Cloud and Self-Hosted?

Absolutely! You can export all of your household data.

Is Homechart Open Source Software (OSS)?

Not at this time. See Open Source at Candid Development for more details.

Can I migrate my data from X into Homechart?

We have a variety of ways to get your existing data into Homechart. Contact us for more information.

Can I promote Homechart on my blog or social media?

Yes, please! Your Homechart account has a referral code you can use to get a lifetime subscription to Homechart. Please contact us for help with promotions or sponsorships.

Have a question not listed here?

Contact us.