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Organize Your Life
with Homechart

One simple app for Budgeting, Calendars, Cooking, Inventory, Tasks, and so much more

Designed for everyone in your household

Works with all of your devices

In the cloud or self-hosted

Privacy focused, no ads

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Homechart, Your Handy Home Assistant


Envelope Budgets

Financial Goals

Import Transactions From Your Bank

"How much money is in our food budget?"


Calendar Events, Meal Plans, Tasks and More

Travel and Leave By Reminders

Works with Apple and Google Calendars

"When do I have to pickup the kids?"


Meal Planning

Recipe Organizer

Import Recipes From Websites and Cookbooks

"What recipes can we make with mushrooms?"


Track foods, symptoms, and more

Discover correlations between foods and symptoms

Find possible allergens for your household

"Do I have a gluten sensitivity?"


Household Inventory

Pantry Management and UPC Scanning

Warranty and Battery Tracking

"Do we have flour in the pantry?"



Reference Anything in Homechart

Versions and Tags

"How did I winterize the lawn mower?"


To Do Lists

Recurring Tasks

Personal and Household Projects

"Who's taking the trash out this week?"


Positive Reinforcement

Gift Cards

Stamp Cards

"Did our child earn screen time?"


Simple Shopping Lists

Recipe Integration

Automatically Remember Staples

"What do we need at the store?"


Customizable Bookmarks

Self Hosted Option

API Reference

Homechart, Your All-in-One Alternative

  • Cozi

  • Evernote

  • Excel

  • Google Calendar

  • Google Keep

  • Google Sheets

  • Grocy

  • Mint

  • Notion

  • Paprika

  • Remember the Milk

  • Todoist

  • Wunderlist

  • YNAB